On June 19, after a laps of 16 years, the limestone quarry at Brno-Líšeň, owned by Kalcit, once again welcomed Czech and foreign mining experts who came to present the industry’s latest techniques and technology. This day saw the opening of the 12th year of the international demonstration exhibition of machinery and equipment for mining, mineral processing, and construction organized by the Mining Union.

The fair covered all the specific phases of mineral processing and the following equipment, methods, services, and specialized companies were presented: drilling kits, demolition hammers, compressors, power generators; excavators, loaders; dumpers, crushers, screeners, feeders, conveyor belts, sensors, scales; crushing and sorting assemblies, separators; noise isolation, conveyor belt covers, dust removal, aspiration, pollutant identification; tires, chains, oils, refurbished machine parts; geological and surveying companies, aerial photography, remediation and reclamation, blasting, design work, consultancy, specialist magazines, schools, and unions.

We are happy to conclude that the return to the multi-bench quarry was a delightful surprise for all parties involved. This space proved to be a unique venue for the fair thanks to the three benches available, the lowest of which provided a compact site for exhibitors. The atmosphere was reminiscent of a vibrant small town. There were exhibitions, new contracts concluded, and peace and quiet.

The second bench provided space to the largest demo show ever presented at EXPO fairs. A host of crushers and sorters were in operation, along with track excavators, drilling assemblies, loaders, demolition hammers, weighing equipment, rotary rock router, wheel excavator, and much more equipment. Included was the traditional presentation of imaging technology: visitors tried their hand at drones and became pilots in the process.

Finally, visitors explored the third and highest bench in off-road vehicles by and Tatra and Ford— a popular fair pastime. The route’s uneven terrain made it a challenge but the reward came when breath-taking view of the entire quarry opened before their eyes.

For 134 companies from the Czech Republic and abroad - England, Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Poland, USA and Slovakia, an area with several dumps with an area of more than 50,000 m2 was prepared for the presentation of machines used mainly in quarries - excavators, excavators. , loaders, sorters and more, for the demonstration of trucks another area of 10 thousand m².

During the three days of the fair, EXPO saw more than 10,000 visitors mostly from the Czech Republic and Slovakia apart from other guests from other EU countries, Russia, Ukraine, USA, and Canada arrived.

The weather was so clear and hot that the sprinkler truck was in action during the entire fair producing mist and cooling the fairgrounds. Exhibitors were highly enthusiastic about the event and expressed their wish to participate in the upcoming 13th year of EXPO scheduled for June 2020.

The fair’s success is largely supported by 25 media partners in the Czech Republic and abroad, including magazines, interest associations, and web servers. The Mining Union, the fair organizer, is very pleased that the EXPO Lesní Lom took place under the auspices of Ing. Martin Štemberka, Chairman of the Czech Mining Authority, Ing.Tomáš Hüner, Minister of Industry and Trade, prof. Ing. Ivo Vondrák CSc., Regional Council President for Moravia-Silesia, and Ing. Petr Hýbler, member of the Council of the South-Moravian Region.