On June 14 through 16, the Mokrá quarry owned by Českomoravský Cement, Nástupnická Společnost, a.s., in Mokrá u Brna, opened to the professional public operating in the mining and construction industries and many associated fields. It was the site of the 11th year of the international demonstration exhibition of machinery and equipment for mining, mineral processing and construction: EXPO Mokrá 2016.


More than 10,000 visitors came to EXPO Mokrá during its three-day run. Most of them were from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but people from other European countries came as well, mostly Germany and Poland. In the unique environment of a limestone quarry, 121 exhibitors from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, France, Poland and the Netherlands presented their products on an area exceeding 70,000 m2.

The trade fair themes spanned a range of machinery and equipment designated for mining and processing of mineral resources and their subsequent use: technology and equipment to prepare material to be mined; mining, loading and transportation technology; machinery and equipment to process mineral resources; equipment necessary for environment-friendly operation of mines; spare parts and accessories; servicing and accompanying activities; trucks and special-purpose trucks; project designs; consultancy; journals; activities for schools and associations.

In keeping with the nature of the exhibition, it demonstrated the real-time operation of crushers and sorters, equipment to reduce dust levels, caterpillar excavators, drill sets, loaders, hydraulic demolition pliers, demolition hammers, scales, made sample aerial photography available and provided many other interesting demonstrations. Visitors were highly interested in the opportunity to try out Tatra and Terex trucks on the off-road track in the bottom level of the quarry.

This time, the weather was fine: not too hot, not too cold and occasional showers could not spoil the good mood among visitors and exhibitors. The exhibitors were lush in their praise of their experience and expressed their interest to take part in the 12th year of EXPO Mokrá, coming up in two years, in 2018.

To a great extent, the trade fair was also successful because of support from 21 Czech and foreign media partners, among whom were magazines, interest organizations and web servers. The Mining Union, the exhibition organizer, is very pleased EXPO Mokrá 2016 took place under the auspices of Martin Štemberka, Chairman of the CR State Mining Administration, Jan Mládek, Minister of Industry and Trade, Michal Hašek, President of the South Moravian region, and Petr Vokřál, Mayor of Brno.