Perhaps to make sure again that Mokrá is not called Mokrá just out of nowhere, or it was just a coincidence, but the rain waited two months for it to expire just before the start of the fair and so the construction of the stands took place in persistent rain, water and the mud gradually increased. Of course, this was also related to fears of complications in weighing the exhibits and especially of the negative reactions of the exhibitors - cold, cold wind and do not evoke a smile and a good mood. We will not lie to anyone, but on the Monday before the start of the fair, the stands looked ready for the exhibitors to drown in the mud at any moment. Despite all this, we did not lose hope that the weather would improve, and on Tuesday, June 5, we ceremoniously opened the fair - this year is the 9th year.

The first day was really cold and wet, which also affected the participation of visitors. Umbrellas and boots really suited this day. But there were also exhibitors who praised the weather. Customers sat at the stands for longer, devoting more time to exhibitors, which had a positive effect on closing deals. It is not for nothing that they say: "all evil is good for something." The next day, the rain began to subside, the clouds parted, the puddles gradually began to disappear, and the mood began to improve in the wet wet. The number of visitors increased and at noon it was really full in the quarry. The stands were busy, visitors admired the running machines and the prepared parking space was almost not enough. On the last day of the fair, the sun dried up with the last puddle and memories of bad weather, and this further underlined the real - amazing and unique atmosphere of the fair in the open air. This, of course, was created mainly by the exhibitors, of whom there were 123 this year. We are very pleased with this number, as it almost coincides with the number of exhibitors in the previous year. At the fair, they presented the most modern technology from companies from the Czech Republic and abroad. This year, almost all companies representing sorting and crushing technology met in our country, as well as drilling and cutting technology. From the large transport machines, the Tatrovky were shown, which also had a special track prepared for demonstration rides on the lower floor. Also on display were stands for recycling, sieves, scales and many other facilities for ecological operation. As is a matter of course for this type of fair, the machines could also be tested in operation. All this on an area of ​​70,000 m2. The fact that the fair is still popular among the professional public is evidenced by the high attendance. This year, more than 8.5 thousand visitors came to the fair, which is slightly less than in 2010. The unfavorable weather on the first day of the fair certainly had a great influence on the participation.

An adrenaline accompanying program was prepared for all participants of the fair. ASP Group s.r.o. lent ATVs quad bikes, on which they could ride on a specially reserved area. Not only fans of Czech motorcycle sport were pleased with the participation of Ivo Kaštan, a nine-time participant in the Dakar Rally, who performed in full parade at his Dakar special. Mr. Kašpar had a big surprise for motorcycle enthusiasts - eight Rahier industrial motorcycles, which is hot news on the market, which was used throughout the fair, but also in the rougher terrain of the quarry. And those who were at the fair on Wednesday saw, or at least heard, the aperture blast.

The Mining Union thanks all media partners, who have become Czech and foreign professional magazines, organizations and web servers for their help with the promotion of the fair: the Association for the Development and Recycling of Building Materials in the Czech Republic; AT INTERNATIONAL – Mineral Processing;;; ČESKÝ TRUCKER; EKOfutura; EnviWeb; Gesteins-Perspektiven; Inženýrské stavby; Kámen; Kult; Magazín stavebné stroje a mechanizácia; Minerální suroviny; Sdružení pro výstavbu silnic Praha; SILIS – Silikátový svaz; Stavebné hmoty; Stavební a investorské noviny; STAVEBNISERVER.COM; Stavební technika; Svět průmyslu; Trade&Investment; Trade Review; Uhlí Rudy Geologický průzkum; Združenie banických spolkov a cechov.

Many thanks also go to all the employees of the Mokrá quarry, Českomoravský cement a.s., the successor company, for their willingness and assistance in the preparations for the fair, this time in very difficult conditions.