How to register for EXPO Lesní lom 2023?

1. First, the exhibitor fills in the REGISTRATION FORM, where he specifies the total exhibition ground area that he will require for his presentation.

2. Send the completed and signed registration form to e-mail or to the address of the office at Bohunická 493/81, 619 00 Brno and wait for confirmation from the organizer's office. The registration deadline is April 20. When registering before February 15, the exhibitor will receive a 5% discount on the price of the ordered area.

3. Next, you need to fill the registration form for ordering EXPO stands, services and entering data for the printed catalogue on the order page EXPO stands and services.The latest deadline for filling out the order is April 30.

4. Once the exhibitor has filled out all three required forms STAND, SERVICES and CATALOGUE, he waits for confirmation from the office. Confirmation will make the order binding and the option to modify the order will be locked. For any changes, it will be necessary to contact the organizer.

5. Each exhibitor has a free space in the EXPO Catalogue, which will be available free to all EXPO visitors. If you are interested, we could also offer you a opportunity of paid advertisements in the EXPO Catalogue or in the magazine Minerální suroviny. You can find the conditions of advertising bellow.

Files for download: