How to apply for EXPO Lesní lom 2022?
1. Please download first application (!), print it out and fill in the total area you will need.
2. Completed and signed application send by email tounie@tezebni-unie.czor by post to Těžební unie s. r. o., Bohunická 493, 619 00 Brno-jih, Česká republika.
3. Create an account with Registration for exhibitors.
4. You need to fill in this account order of the stand, equipment and services. Select the STAND, SERVICES and CATALOG forms one by one and fill in.
5. Once you have completed all three STAND, SERVICES, and CATALOG forms, save your order and send by email (
6. Wait for confirmation from the office. Confirmation makes the order binding. The possibility to edit the order will be locked. For any changes in the order, contact us, we will be happy to help you.

The exhibitor reserves the right to change the date of the fair.