For your own safety during the fair, the following rules must be respected without objections:

  • Wear a safety helmet at exhibition grounds and in open areas, especially in places where machines and equipment will be demonstrated live.
  • Walk only in the designated area.
  • Do not enter the area through a barrier or red safety tape
  • Be extra careful when walking in open areas. You are moving in a quarry environment.
  • Do not come near to the upper or lower edge of the quarry walls.
  • Do not step on or touch the laid cable lines.
  • It is not allowed to ride a bicycle or any other mechanical or automatic mode of transport.
  • It is not allowed to bring alcohol, narcotic and toxic substances, weapons and objects that may endanger safety. The organizer reserves the right to deny entry to the fair or eject the person who do not follow these safety regulations. Without refund of the ticket price.
  • It is not allowed to stay at the fair except the official opening hours, only during an official formal event at the invitation of the organizer.
  • Person under the age of 15 are only allowed to enter the fair accompanied by their parents or someone on their behalf, who take full responsibility for behaviour of underage.
  • As part of the exhibition, where machines and equipment will be demonstrated, do not enter the designated safety space, or do not approach these machines. To view the machines, please wait for the exhibitor's instructions.
  • Keep a safe distance and do not enter the intended path of the machine when moving to the demonstration area. Follow the instructions of the escort or warning signs.
  • Keep a safe distance, especially when the machines are being demonstrated, do not step on them or touch the moving parts of the machines. Always follow the instructions of the exhibitor's staff.
  • In case of injury, immediately ask for help from the nearest organizer service worker or the nearest exhibitor, who will contact the organizer. Your prompt treatment will be ensured. An Injury Investigation Protocol will be signed.
  • Do not touch the exhibits or their parts in any way. Ask for a demonstration or assistance from the exhibitor.
  • Everyone is obliged to behave in such a way as not to cause a fire, to follow the safety rules and prohibitions related to fire security.
  • Follow the instructions of the organizer service and exhibitors.

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